moving back to Petworth, new family in tow

A decent house with good bones in a great inner city neighborhood. What more could a single guy, first-time homebuyer, ask for? Not much. Maybe a quieter window AC unit than the one brought from the old apartment.

Fast forward a few years and Guy is no longer Single. In fact, he’s gotten married, found tenants for the city house, and is raising Kid with Husband in the suburbs.

Fast forward a few more years. When Kid reaches the tweens, Family decides to move back to the city to be closer to cultural attractions, friends and places of work. But the house that was everything Single Guy could ask for is now in need of some major updates to meet the needs of Active Urban Family, especially one coming from a nicely renovated house in the suburbs.

Plans called for a renovation in two phases. First, a master suite was to be carved from the two front bedrooms, with new millwork that takes its cues from the original woodwork found throughout the house. The prevailing theme in the all-new master bath was classic black-and-white, with a touch of the milk green glass that the homeowner recalls with fondness from his childhood in Indiana. Central air conditioning and a solar system were to be installed, while the original water-powered radiator heat remained in the interest of preserving the early 20th C. look of the interior. Completed 2015.

In a major second phase, plans called for the demolition of a sagging rear addition, to be replaced with an enlarged, wrap-around kitchen and screened-in porch on the ground floor and a study/game/guest room on the second floor. A basement under the new addition will be carved from formerly solid ground under the old addition, adding a significant amount of storage space that will allow the family to grow comfortably in future years.

Builder: Four Seasons Construction
Project status:
Phase 1 (master suite) completed 2015
Phase 2 (kitchen, guest/game room, basement) completed 2017