more room for a growing family

The real estate market in Washington DC has exploded in ways that may not have been imaginable during the recession of 2008-2010. While most other urban markets have seen steady if slow growth, Washington came out of the recession in a blaze of glory. The result: many individuals and families who bought what they thought were going to be "starter homes" before and during the recession have ended up being priced out of the market for moving up to the next level, and are turning instead to renovating and adding on.

This two-story house in the Shaw neighborhood of Washington DC, dating from the early 20th century, suited a newly married couple just fine when they bought it. Two boys and a flourishing new business later, it was time to build up and out to give everyone some extra room to run, without the need to jump into the overheated downtown housing market.

The architects worked with the homeowners to develop a design that offered a sufficient amount of new space for their growing family, but remained respectful of the historic fabric of the row.

Project status: design development