extending family space in bethesda

Set on a generous lot in Bethesda, Maryland, this home started out as a modest L-shaped post-war colonial with rooms that were typical in size for the era. With three kids, though, the family was outgrowing the 1940s era design, and sought to add space and open the home up. The renovation includes an addition at the rear of the home that doubles the size of the house, and opens all of the public and private spaces up into a larger and more modern layout.

On the main level, the addition provides for an open living/dining/kitchen and breakfast area, while the original house footprint maintains the more formal spaces (formal dining room, formal sitting room and a library).

Upstairs, the addition houses a master suite with walk-in closets and a spacious master bath, plus a much needed guest room. On the lower level, an old garage was expanded to fit a modern SUV, and the space under the addition opened up much needed storage capacity.

Project status: under construction