urban agricultural warehouse and R&D building

"Building" a farm on a vacant lot in the city. aggregate is working with an entrepreneur in Chicago to plan a 150,000SF industrial-scale building whose purpose will be to import agriculture to the city from the mega-farm, creating a new form of agriculture that is sustainable in countless ways.

Building features include a structure made with recycled steel, a building envelope made with pre-fabricated concrete panels and translucent wall systems, an extensive solar panel system, passive cooling (solar chimney), a green roof, bio-swales to help with storm water runoff, and a rainwater harvesting system under the parking lot. The design and construction of the building are meant to minimize the use of raw materials and energy, and its ongoing operation is meant to minimize energy consumption and other negative impacts on the environment, while adding 300 jobs to the local economy. It is being designed with LEED Silver accreditation as a goal.

Project status: concept